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No working during drinking hours

Know this this song?

I have been kissed by hops & and grain..

Drink like a monk
Drinking beer makes me incredibly attractive
Craft Beer lovers – are we a minority?
Proudly supporting the craft beer community

"Cheers with a pint and a smile Beer it’s the best damn drink in the world". – Actor Jack Nicholson
"In essence, beer is an herbal, aromatic drink When you grow up you have to drink beer.” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy BEER, people say it's kind of the same thing. 
Having a dejabrew moment?
Is craft beer about beer or about the story around it?
Most men like flowers , women like beer
Beer is also a journey, a passion, a dream someone made reality. Cheers !
Passionate well-respected brewers make beer from their hearts… plus technical knowledge for best quality results!
Everybody need a hobby

Beer helping line - 0208 6510 700

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